Afternoon tea at the Ritz

Overall: 9/10

It had been my lifelong dream to have afternoon tea at the Ritz, and last month I finally got to go! It really was as incredible and glamorous as I expected it to be. There was a piano playing in the background, all the varieties of tea that you could ask for, and the most delicious sandwiches and scones I’ve ever eaten!

The chefs have taken your boring sandwich combos and made them a hundred times better. Who knew that a boring cucumber sandwich could taste so delicious with the addition of some fresh dill? Plus, they were all served on fluffy bread or in the case of the egg mayo, a brioche bun – so, not your average sarnie. You’ll get two rounds of sandwiches and unlimited tea for £60 a head so it’s expensive but exceptionally good value for money. You’ll definitely not leave hungry.

The cakes were so beautifully presented, and you’re sat in an exquisite tea room, which all adds to the elegant experience. The scones were even served warm and fresh out the oven. It’s perfect for a special occasion or treat.

It’s exceptionally difficult to reserve a table for tea, so I’d recommend booking far in advance! You could also do what we did and look out for cancellations if you’re able to be spontaneous. It was easily the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had!

The Terrace, Harrods


Overall rating: 4 stars

Price: £29 for Afternoon Tea
Cuisine: Afternoon Tea
Location: Knightsbridge

My thoughts:

I visited The Terrace at Harrods for Afternoon Tea as a post-exams treat.  Located on the Fourth Floor of the department store, it is the perfect place to relax after a day of shopping.  The restaurant is spacious and bright, with comfy armchairs for seating.   Visiting the restaurant itself is a great experience.  The grand and luxurious décor, in my mind, reminisces an environment close to something  you would find in an exquisite hotel such as the Bellagio, Las Vegas, unlike other tea rooms in London.  There is also the option to sit outside on the terrace.

harrods 4

The Afternoon tea itself is excellent value for money.  Between 3 of us we shared 2 tea platters, which was more than enough since they arrived piled high with cakes, scones, macaroons, sandwiches and much more!  The food is served along with your choice of tea or coffee.  For an additional £7 you can add a flute of champagne

harrods 1

The menu features a wide range of cakes and sandwiches to suit all tastes.  The restaurant also offers breakfast and lunch options.  The dark chocolate cake with a hazelnut base was particularly delicious and the scones were light and fluffy.

harrods 2

My favourite part of the tea was the sandwiches.  Their innovative fillings were unlike any other afternoon tea I had experienced before, and included a lobster roll! Other sandwiches included salmon, egg and beef, with different variations of bread.  The restaurant is vegetarian friendly, with the option to switch sandwiches upon request.harrods 3


The service was great, with welcoming, friendly and attentive staff to serve.  The terrace rooms were not particularly busy at the time of our visit (which was midweek).  However, booking in advance for large groups would be advised, to avoid disappointment.

Harrods is situated in Knightsbridge, and is easily accessible by tube, bus, car, or taxi.    Overall I would definitely recommend afternoon tea at the Terrace, Harrods, as a great place to visit for a special treat, or a tea break on a day out, due to its relaxing and comfortable environment and its delectable sweet treats and sandwiches.

Restaurant details:

Harrods Terrace
Fourth Floor
87–135 Brompton Road
London SW1X 7XL

 Tel: 020 7730 1234

Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 11:30am – 6:00pm


Sopwell House’s Afternoon Tea

‘A cosy, comfortable and quiet environment to consume delectable sweet treats’



Price: £22.50 for their Afternoon Tea.

Overall rating: 4 stars

Cuisine: Afternoon Tea

Location:  St Albans

My thoughts:

I visited Sopwell House for their Afternoon Tea in celebration of my good friend Hannah’s twenty first birthday.  In the heart of Hertfordshire, in St Albans, the hotel building is surrounded by greenery and gardens, making it a perfect country escape for a spot of tea all year round.  The tea room is warm and welcoming, with cosy sofas, bookshelves, wall paintings that add touches of colour, and lamps which make you feel as if you are in the comfort of your own living room.



The tea itself is great value for money.  Between six of us we shared three tea platters, which was more than enough since they arrived piled high with sweet treats and sandwiches, along with your choice of tea.  Their presentation is super, with the plates exhibiting an abundance of colour.


My personal favourite was the chocolate cake, filled with thin layers of cream that made it light and delicious.  Having said this, all their pastries and cakes were fantastic.  The cakes were moist and soft, and the scones were light and fluffy.  The menu was wide-ranging to suit all tastes, varying from carrot and chocolate cake, to tiramisu or chocolate éclairs.



Although the sandwiches were enjoyable, they unfortunately did not live up to the extremely high standard of the sweet options, due to lack of inventiveness in fillings and flavour.   The sandwiches we tasted included tuna, salmon, egg and cheese, which can be varied according to personal preferences or dietary requirements.

The service was good, with welcoming and friendly staff.  The dress code could be described as smart-casual and the tea rooms were not particularly busy at the time of our visit (which was midweek).  However, booking in advance for large groups would be advised, especially on weekends, to avoid disappointment.  At the time of our visit customers were mainly adults, however, I would say that the afternoon tea would be a nice idea for a family day out as well.   Visiting the hotel itself is a great experience.  The luxurious décor and quaint grounds make it a perfect place to explore on a day out.  The hotel is situated just outside the M25 and has substantial parking, however, it is not very accessible by public transport.




Overall I would definitely recommend Sopwell House’s afternoon tea as an occasion for catching up with friends or family, as we did, due to its cosy, comfortable and quiet environment and its delectable sweet treats.   It is slightly cheaper than other London afternoon teas, making it great value for money considering its generally high quality food and service.


Restaurant Details:

Sopwell House Hotel
Cottonmill Lane,
St. Albans,

Tel:  +44 (0) 1727 864477