A Chocolate Tour of London

For chocolate lovers, Great British Tours’ Chocolate Tour of London would be a perfect day out! Earlier this month my friend Sarah and I undertook the walking tour that consists of visits to seven chocolatiers around Soho and Mayfair that can vary slightly from week to week.  Our tour guide, Ferry, was friendly, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about all things chocolate.

We began our voyage at the Algerian Coffee Store; a vicinity with an overwhelming scent of coffee and cocoa to get you in ‘chocolate-mode’.  Here we were introduced to our tour group of approximately twenty people.  At each stop Ferry filled us in on a few chocolate facts specific to the place we were visiting.  The chocolate information was not excessive, but rather a set of fun facts to make the journey interesting.


At each stop we sampled some chocolate and had a chance to browse their chocolate range.  The diversity of chocolate we tasted throughout the journey was extensive, ranging from a white chocolate ‘Eton Mess’ truffle at Hotel Chocolat, to a delectable plain chocolate truffle coated in cocoa powder at Prestat (my personal favourite), so there are treats available to suit all tastes.

The amount of free samples we received were enough to give you a flavour of each chocolatier without leaving you in a ‘chocolate-coma’ and unable to walk, however, for serious chocoholics, all Great British Tourists recieve 10% off at each chocolatier.  If, like me, you have a small appetite and can’t quite handle seven chocolate tastings in a row, it would be a good idea to bring along a small box to keep some chocolate samples in to save for later!

The chocolatiers were all fairly close together, at most a ten minute walk between each, however I would recommend comfortable walking shoes since you are on your feet for the entire tour.  Our tour fell on a particularly hot day, resulting in some slightly-melted chocolate purchases so remember to consider seasonal conditions when booking.  The tour lasted just over two hours with a small fifteen minute break in Fortnum and Mason’s to have a quick browse and refresh.   Watch out for Fortnum’s tea and coffee infused chocolates in the shape of teacups!

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Great British Chocolate Tour as perhaps a fun day out, an occasion to meet new people and a chance to learn a bit about London’s greatest chocolatiers.  For tourists it is an added opportunity to explore London’s West End.  The tour is good value for money considering the free samples of high quality chocolate that you get to taste, and the discount you receive at each chocolatier.  The day was made entertaining by our tour guide, and would be a fun day out for chocolate lovers of all ages.

Chocolate Tour Information:

Website: http://www.greatbritishtours.com/gbt/the-chocolate-walking-tour-of-london.html

Price: £30

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