Overall: 10/10
Location: Marylebone

Kol, the new Mexican restaurant run by the former head chef of Noma Mexico, Santiago Lastra, is unlike any dining experience I’ve had in London. The Noma vibes are evident with the open kitchen where you can see your meal being prepped, the staff who treat you like royalty, and the rustic interiors that make you feel a little like you’re in Mexico! It’s an upscale restaurant great for a special occasion but getting a reservation requires willpower and planning!

There are three spaces, the chef’s table, the main restaurant and the Mezcalzeria, a homage to Mexico’s Mezcal bars. The first two require bookings but the Mezcalzeria takes walk ins for drinks and nibbles comprising of Mexican street food.

The menu in the main restaurant is a tasting one. I went for the vegetarian option at £70, which is on the lower end of tasting menus in London. Given how incredible it was I would have paid more! What I loved about the menu is that everything felt well-considered, from the ingredients which are locally sourced to the flavour pairings and even the plates and bowls that were sourced from a range of ceramicists to suit each dish. The team will tell you where your food has come from, which makes the experience more special.

Warmth is a key theme, from the ambience through to the food where there’s a range of Mexican chillies woven throughout the meals (make sure you tell the team if you’re not a fan of spice as they can adjust your dishes!).

Highlights for me included the Quesadilla which featured an unusual combo of cheese, pistachio, black mustard and courgette but worked so well when dropped inside the warm tortilla. I also enjoyed the chocolate steam cake dessert which was probably the softest and spongiest cake I’ve ever eaten, and was served in a parcel you had to unwrap at the table.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll have to add Kol to your list. It was easily one of my top dining experiences in London, so it’s received a 10/10 for me, the first ever on my blog!

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