The Breakfast Club

“An alternative brunch experience”


Price: £15 – 20
Overall rating: 3 stars
Cuisine: Breakfast/brunch
Location:  Soho

My thoughts:

I had been itching to try the Breakfast Club for a while.  I was eager to sample the famous breakfast heaven with queues literally coming out of the door and down the street.  The day I visited was no exception, we had to queue for 30 minutes (even on a weekday morning!)

When I entered the restaurant, I realised why this was the case;  the restaurant is quite small, with perhaps only 15 tables.  The décor is quirky: with a pinboard scaling the inside wall that guests can pin messages, postcards or almost anything really, to.  This, combined with fairy lights on the wall and coins glued to the rim of the bar, can create an alternative brunch experience.

breakfast club4

breakfast club7

The restaurant’s theme is carried through to all aspects, including bespoke ‘Breakfast Club’ mugs, for example. All in all the vibe is fairly casual and relaxed.


The breakfast and brunch menu is wide ranging, featuring British and American classics as well as some more unusual additions such as the falafel wrap.  I ordered the Veggie All-American which was served with Pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled eggs, one veggie sausage, mushrooms and home-style fried potatoes.  The portions were very large, and therefore quite good value for money.  The potatoes were tasty, as were the mushrooms and eggs, however, the food overall was quite oily. Although I cannot fault the food to any large degree, I have had better breakfasts’ elsewhere in London, and food presentation could be improved.  I also ordered a cappuccino, which was strong and bitter.

breakfast club3

My friends ordered the Pancakes and Berries, which were served with maple syrup and whipped cream.  Again, their feedback indicated that although the meal was enjoyable, they had tried better pancakes before.

breakfast club2


The service was good.  The staff were friendly. Customers should be prepared to queue for up to an hour, as the restaurant does not take reservations at certain times of day.   The Breakfast Club is part of a chain with several branches across London.  I, personally visited the Soho branch. In addition to breakfast and brunch, the Breakfast club is also open for lunch, dinner and drinks.

Overall, I’d recommend visiting the Breakfast Club for the experience and atmosphere, rather than the food.  Perhaps the lengthy queues and popularity of the restaurant had heightened my expectations, but  the food was fairly average and therefore does not have much repeat value, which was the general consensus amongst the girls and myself.

breakfast club6


Restaurant details:

33 D’Arbly Street




Tel: 020 7434 2571



Opening Times:

Monday to Wednesday: 8am – 10pm

Thursday and Friday: 8am – 10pm

Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Sunday: 8am – 7pm

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